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Friday, February 26, 2010

Children Pornographic..PLS STOP!!

I watched Oprah today and today's topic was so disturbing that it stucked in my mind.

Well, it was actually about child pornographic. Basically, the children are forced to have sex and most of them are aged between 4-6.. It's like.. What are those people thinking. Children are supposed to be loved, to be pampered.. They should be laughing instead of crying in pain.

One of the porn, as described by the Oprah guest, showed how a tiny little girl, tied on a bed where several kids at the side of the bed watching. A man came and started touching her and raped her for more than 30 minutes. For that tape, the creator of the tape removed the sound so that viewers wont hear her voice shouting and crying. It's so sad. How can she endure such pain at such a young age.

I seriously don't know how some people enjoy watching it. These kind of people are sick and they shouldn't be allowed to be near children.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I miss the most in life..

I really miss dancing. I've been dancing my whole life. How I miss performing in front of people.. How I miss competing in dancing.. How I miss entertaining people.. How I miss being so tired but still keep moving coz dancing is what I like best.


It's not that I want to stop but I have to put it on back to give way for future. I was once told myself.. If can't study, I'll dance..

I don't believe that I can get both. To choose between accountancy and dancing, I'll choose dancing. It's not easy to pursue dancing here and that is why I chose what I think will give me a brighter future. Maybe, if Im successful enough, I can dance again. So, right now, I'll just have to dance in front of the mirror to satisfy myself.

Heidi Montag can't dance? It's a shame..

Previously, I don't know who's Heidi Montag. Seriously, I don't give a damn.

So, how did I get to know her? HEIDI MONTAG 10 PLASTIC SURGERY IN A DAY of course.. Seriously, I like to see the transformation from ugly to pretty, or from pretty to ugly or maybe from ugly to uglier..

Im here not to talk about her 10 plastic surgeries in one day coz I think it's fine. It's her body.. It's her face..So..SO WHAT!!

Here I wanna comment about this video. I think she's Britney Spears wannabe. I don't like Britney Spears singing but I adore her moves. Britney Spears can dance.

On the other hand, Heidi Montag is disaster. She can't move (ok..maybe she can move a little..) but to pull out a dance like that.. She has failed. I think for Britney to dance like that, it will be a piece of cake.

Just look at her. She's out of tempo. Everything she does is like fast foward. She's sexy indeed but with that dance, she doesnt look sexy at all. Look at those girls behind her.. They can dance. I bet, if all of them were wearing the same clothes as what she wearing, people won't notice her at all. Or people will notice coz she has the weirdest moves among all of them..

if Britney vs Heidi???

Britney WINS

My mom and her appendicitis..

I took half day leave yesterday just to visit my mom. My sister and her fiance visited her the day before and told me that she looked pale. Actually, on Friday night, she had been complaining about the pain in her stomach, so, on Saturday morning she was brought to Sime Darby Healthcare to see what's going on. After some checkups, the doctor identified that she has appendicitis and was admitted right away. I think she went for her operation on the same day itself.

What made me angry was the fact that my younger sister didn't even know that she was admitted to the hospital and my mom had undergone a surgery. I even called her that Saturday itself to see what she doing and have a small talk. Apparently, she was still sleeping and everyone has gone out.

Ok..So, back to my story... Yesterday I told her that I was going to come over. WHAT HAPPENED?? She has forgotten that I was coming and went out for shopping. I was like.. "What!!! You're sick and you still have that energy to go out and shop??"

Well, I guess, she's just a Superwoman..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Some guy just called just now and asked, is this ABC Company. I said YES. After that he asked,

Is the boss Chinese or Malay?

He hung up right after I said it's Chinese. Hurm..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Upcoming Chinese New Year

Any plans? I've none.. Im hoping something comes up and we actually have something to do during Chinese New Year.

My families are going back to Sabah. My sister and her fiance are going back next Thursday I guess so, me and my boyfriend will be alone at home along with Cody (our bodyguard)..

Well, Im thinking of not thinking of anything to do now coz if I plan earlier, it will end up failing. So, I'll do a last minute plan. Actually, Im quite good at last minute plans.

So, my cousin will be coming over from Johor. My mom asked us to use her car and stay at their house. Hey.. WHAT'S WRONG WITH STAYING AT MY HOUSE AND USING MY MY CAR??

Ok then.. Enjoy your holiday and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

There's just an empty space here

When a girl reached to a certain age, she will start think of starting a family and have kids. Most girls will dreamed of having the most perfect wedding they ever imagine. Having a beach wedding full with white roses on the isle along with acoustic back on the side playing my favorite songs.

But, how if the you partner does not think likewise. In fact, you're not even in his life plan? How if waiting for the answer will only lead you to disappointment? How if you really love that person and you're willing to take the risk of waiting when you know the chances are small, will you wait? Have you ever feel like your heart has been sprinkled by acid and when its about to heal, the sprinkle of acid comes again?

Thinking of this made me feel insecure. Just scared of making the wrong decision. I've made a lot of mistakes in the past and making more mistakes means wasting more time. But how if it is not a mistake? Should I take risk or just go where it brings me?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When you're sad

When you're sad, just look into the mirror and tell yourself, "You'll be okay."

When you feel like crying, JUST CRY!! You'll cry for hours, days, weeks... But you'll eventually stop crying by that time you've decided to stop, you have to stop.

When you're angry and don't really know how to release your anger, just take a pillow, put it on your face and shout as loud as you can. Actually, people can still hear your voice but you'll tend to think that no one is hearing.

When you have no one to turn to... Turn to God and talk to him.. He'll be there He'll answer everything if you put all you heart into it and have faith in Him.

R.I.P Aaron

I just reached my office and my friend texted me. She said our dear friend, Aaron passed away this morning. Im speechless.. Im still shocked with the death of my friend, Rikie, and now this!!!!??

One thing for sure, you'll never know when is the Grim Reaper coming to get you. Maybe you're next, or me, or the person you really love. So, always appreciate your life no matter how bad it is that sometimes you feel like you just want to end this life because life's miserable. That's wrong!!! No matter how miserable it is, we can always change it because it is never too late unless you're dead and you're standing there in the crowd, looking at your own dead body, while others are crying.

Emo Mode~~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

R.I.P Rikie

I got a message yesterday evening saying "Let's pray for Rikie. He's in critical condition." I asked my boyfriend to call his brother-in-law to ask how's he doing and he said he had just went for his operation and waiting for his body to react or otherwise, he'll die.

I was feeling uneasy and I insisted that we go to the hospital. It was at 4th floor Serdang Hospital. As we reached, someone came to my boyfriend and said, "RIKIE'S GONE"

I can't believe it till I saw everyone's crying. I really didnt want to cry but to see his brothers, dad and relatives, I can't stop my tears from flowing. It was so sad.

After a while, we decided to see him for the last time. Outside the door was his wife, pregnant with his first baby and due in one more month, crying endlessly. She looked at me and said, "Dia tiada suda..."meaning, he's gone. My eyes started to get teary again and I hugged her and said, "June, ko akan ok juga tu..."(June, you'll eventually be ok..) I cannot say anything else.

I went to the room where he was laid. There, I saw him for the last time.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

He tried so hard to be a girl

This is what happen when a straight man tried so hard to be a woman... EXAGGERATING!!!

Thank cyg for the pose.. Love you!!!

P/s: He's gonna kill me if he saw this picture..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We're Stalkers..

Ok.. I just stalked someone in FB. Unfortunately, he's no longer this mysterious guy me and my friend used to stalk. He has become an ordinary guy now.

Actually, I dont really know this guy. I got to know about him from Shell Scholarship Awards event few years back and I admit he was very goodlooking that time.

I don't really know whether my friend has a crush on him or not but she asked me to add him in Facebook so that I can stalk him and give her the updates.

So, for few months I've been stalking him but what made him interesting is that no one knows about him. So, we kept on guessing about who he really is.

Today, I looked again and to my surprise, he's no more interesting to me. He has revealed everything(where's he working, his current picture and HIS STATUS..HE'S ENGAGED) which made him from mysterious to normal ordinary guy which I do have the interest to stalk anymore.

Imagine, all this while we've been guessing till we reach a point where Googled him in the internet and we found out that he's a quiet guy with very big achievement in life. Now, there's no more stalking that guy...

Gotta find a new person to stalk...LOL

Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Lose Weight

These are the tips that was given to me by my family:-

Younger sister: You have to take shower before taking your meal,if not, you'll get bloated.
Elder sister: Yoga. Guess it works but I didn't worked for my sister since she likes to eat junk food.
Uncle: You cannot drink water right after meal. Just take a rest first and drink water at least 30 minutes after meal. "Guess Im gonna try this.."

Second day in my new company.. YAWN~~

Hmmm.. It has always been like this. For the first week working in a new company will be BORING. I seriously have nothing to do. Sometimes, I will have to make myself busy by reading the accounting software and getting familiar with it. BTW, the new company is using QuickBook as its accounting software..

Now is only 10.49am. Just 1hr 49minutes after I stepped in this morning. I have to wait for another 6 hrs and 10 minutes. DIEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New job tomorrow.. Good bye old job..

Gonna start my new job tomorrow. Same position though but different company. Located in Puchong. Well, leaving my old company is like "At last!!! I can breath again!!!" Actually, I like my old job but the environment made me sick. How can they say I don't appreciate them when Im always on their back helping them?

When the manager was not around for a week, who helped them with their operations?

When there was no one to help them to fold and put tags on the 20k towels till late at night, who came and brought 3 other friends to help? In return, you paid me as if Im a part-timer when the rest of the people got their incentives and commissions... Thats UNFAIR!!!

When I was following procedures and wanted them to collect the money according to our standard, the fat marketing manager said I don't appreciate you for helping to collect money. Ended up, you guys lost 3k worth of cash. Hahaha...

Ok..Actually, I don't hate everyone there. I just don't like the old lady there (she's 42 but she looked older than my mom and dressed up worse than my grandma..LOL) and the fat Marketing Manager who thinks she can see ghost. To my surprise, Im not the only one that hated them but, there was one time that the whole office stop working and gossiped about them. I was shocked to see that the whole office don't like them except for the big director.

By the way, now I should think to the future. Just forget about the bad 6 month experience and from what I see, the new office is farrrrrRrrrr better than the old one. and guess what... I GOT MY OWN OFFICE...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Holiday in Sabah - Part 1 (Monuboh)

I decided to join my aunts and cousins to catch fish in the sea and some of the Kadazan people call this way of catching fish as "Monuboh".

We went to the Lokawi at 5.30am when the sea water is low. Imagine... We walked till we reach to a stage where we were surrounded by corals. At the end of the day, I was over-exhausted with my pain on my foot due to the corals that I have to step though I was wearing shoes.

It was 6.00 when I took this photo. We were walking halfway.

See all the corals. IT'S A LOT!!!

My niece caught something. She actually caught more fishes than me.

My 'sinaging'. That is what we called it. These are all the fishes that I caught.

I caught this one and Im so proud of it. We called it, "Nemo's friend".

Me!! Hahaha...

I just took this photo coz I was wondering who made this hole.

The beach was full of starfishes. I joked and asked my niece to pick all the starfishes and make starfish soup.

Resting after eating while waiting for 2 more aunts to come back.

The crab caught by my 8 years old nephew.