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Friday, October 30, 2009

One hour before my birthday and Halloween..




Hurm.. I haven't got any plans, but from what I know, it that plan must have..

1. Good foods..

2. Singing..

3. Jumping like a monkey...

4. Maybe some 18 and above drink..

5. I will give a big 'NO' to clubs...

Damn... Im 25 this year and 5 more years before I'll be reaching 30...

Kept reminding myself...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I was not defending the thief

Last week I was called by one of the director. She was talking about how I cannot defend someone who has stole company's money. Actually she was talking about this girl who had worked with the company for so long and she is also my friend.

The story is like this..

This girl, let me just call her Siti, she has been taking outlet's money. The first time she took it was about RM3k. That time, since I was still under probation and still training under my Finance Manager, I had to consult on everything with her. So, when I get to know about Siti taking the money, I consulted her immediately. She told me that we should wait for a while because who knows Siti will eventually pay back the money withing a few days. But, after few weeks, she hasnt give back the money, while me and my Finance Manager acted like we did not know anything about she taking moneys from outlet. After a while, we had to tell our Marketing Manager, whom is Siti's head and she got so furious. I was scolded really bad by my Marketing Director and Marketing Manager though my Finance Manager had told them that it was her fault since she was the one who told me not to tell them immediately.

Last 2 weeks, the same thing happened. The outlet called me to tell me that their money was short by RM700 since Siti has taken it to pay her credit card. So I told my Marketing Manager immediately so that she can take action. I thought it will end there and I thought I have done my part.

So, as I have told earlier, My Marketing Director called and said to me that why should I defend a thief. She's like scolding me and I was so confuse. The day after that, I got to know that, my Marketing Manager kept it a secret from my Marketing Director in order to save Siti. So, my Marketing Director thought that I was also involve with that Manager because we are friends with Siti and that is why I got a warning from my director.

I am so bloody angry when I think back about it that I feel like I want to talk to talk to that Markeing Manager tommorrow.

Monday, October 26, 2009

So what If I didnt draw my eyebrow..

Is it weird if you don't draw your eyebrow? In my office, it is like it is the end of the world when you don't draw your brow. Why do they need to bother about my brow. They asked me whether I need to borrow their pencil and I said I don't have to because I won't die for not having my brow penciled. The only person that I want to impress is my boyfriend and my boyfriend does not even care whether I draw my eyebrow or not because in his eyes, I will always look good. Hahaha..

Malaysia Drivers..

Im not saying all Malaysian drivers are bad but some of them are terribly bad. Some of the drivers here seems like don't even know how to drive, whereas some are because of their disgusting attitude.

What I don't like about them:-
1. It is very annoying when they want to go to another lane or maybe go into a junction, they don't put any signals. Is it that hard to just move your hand to switch on the signal...????
2. When the road is jammed, please la be more considerate to other people. What Malaysian bad drivers do is they will use the emergency lane and then cut in front. It makes the jam worse...Sigh...
3. Why do they need to drive at the fast lane when they're slower than a tortoise.

What I hate the most is when you're driving and being distract by crazy guys beside your car. I experienced this many times and the worst one was by this old man. Maybe he never look himself in the mirror and that is why he has the courage to pout his lips while honking at you while you're driving. The worse thing is, he will never give up. He will follow you and will honk you without thinking what other drivers will think.

The day when Cody went for grooming

Yesterday, we brought Cody for grooming and that was his first ever grooming session with us. All of us (me, cyg, my sister and her fiance) came to accompany him. Before going to the shop, we went to this one lake nearby since we came early (the appointment was suppose to be at 3pm but we came at 2pm.)

Back to the grooming part, we chose to do it in Poochie Poochie located in Bandar Puteri Puchong. What can I say about the place? Well, seriously, Im very satisfied with their service. The price is reasonable, the owner itself, Anne Liew, groomed Cody, and we had the chance to gain a lot of knowledges about dogs. Here are some pictures of us with Cody in the park and Cody's picture while being groomed.

Before leaving the house..Yes.. He has to drink water first, or else, he'll get very thirsty..

Cody is enjoying the scenery..

My sister..

This is the park.. The scenery here is actually very nice... But...

This is the but...

Cody got so tired after running around that he does not even want to stand up and walk..

Ended up, my boyfriend had to carry him...

Cody pooing...

The first stage.. Entangling his fur.. Actually he was supposed to be shaved but Anne said he can stand the pain.. Just look how quiet he is..Awwww....

After shower...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First time working in outlet

I'm still waiting for my sister to come back from work. I bought during from Jusco just now so waiting for her so that all of us can eat together. So, while waiting, I guess I better write something.

Ok.. Today, my director called me. She told me that next month I need to work in our outlet in Alamanda for 15 days. She told me that all I need to do is sit at the counter and wait for money to come. Hahaha.. I guess not!! Since I'll be working there for a while, I must also help them to boost the sale. Actually, Im both happy and sad to work there. Why??

Happy because:-
1. I don't have to see the other manager's face for 15 days. She's nice actually but she gets on my nerves sometimes.
2. I can claim overtime and claim(hopefully...).
3. It will be more flexible. It won't be as hectic as in the office.

Sad because:-
1. I need to work both Saturday and Sunday.
2. 12 hours a day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cody is finally here..

I had to control my trip to Genting Highland this weekend due to Cody. I was actually thinking of taking him this Sunday but since I can's wait to see him, I cancelled my trip and decided to pick him up today instead. He's still not used to staying in his new home so I had to be with him almost all the time. But so far, he's been good, actually better than I expected. He's been very playful and didnt whine so much unless he is being put in his cage. So, since he does not want to sleep in his cage, we decided to let him sleep in front of our room door. Well, I just hope he does not pee in front of my door.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally, I can have a dog

Im so happy that I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my mouth..my director called me to her office this morning and ask me to verify my email. She said she's going to give away her Shih Tzu for adoption. I guess she purposely wanted to let me know that she wanted to give away her dog because she knows that Im looking for a dog and she wanted to give it to me. I asked her whether I can adopt it and immediately she said YES. Another good thing is since she will provide everything,(cage, bowls and etc) so, the only thing that I would have to buy are the foods and shampoo. But I don't think I will put the dog inside the cage. I prefer if it is able to walk and play freely. Initially, I wanted to but a pug but I think the having a Shih Tzu is enough. Hurm..I just cant wait to pick him up this Sunday and bring him to his new home.

These are his picture. His name is Cody. His hair has been trimmed that makes him look like a poodle.

This is

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Party at BB Wok

This week, 1st Oct to be exact, we went to BB Wok, just beside of Bumbu Bali, Puchong to celebrate one of our Director, MK, birthday. I was a blast. Here's some of the pictures taken..

This 2 ladies were trying to act strong carrying Mr. Tan...

Group photo by both House of Terry Palmer and Fsi Resources Team.

Peace to everyone...

We are smiling but actually we're singing birthday song..Just that we're sing without moving our lips..

Our director, MK.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Win RM 6000 with Slurpeelicious

All you have to do is take picture with your favourite Slurpee. So, ACT FAST!!!! Go to your nearest 7-Eleven, buy a Slurpee, take picture with it, upload it here to and you can view your picture at the nuffnang gallery and vote....

Meanwhile, while voting, we can buy more Slurpee and experience its different taste and color...

Contest starts 21st Sept till 18 Oct 2009.

Voting Period = 19th Oct till 25th Oct 2009.

I was attacked!

I just got into the car when I was attacked. I was sitting at the passenger seat whereas my boyfriend was driving. I was talking to my boyfriend about how we were already late to watch Nur Kasih when I felt something was crawling on my leg. All of a sudden, it was already on my thigh and I saw it jumped from my left thigh to my right thigh. I pulled my boyfriend and shouted for help. The 'thing' got scared and it jumped again to my left thigh but this time even higher and that was the time I saw its figure...

It was a...


....a black lizard...Actually I wasnt really sure whether it's black or the normal colored lizard coz it was dark but that time was really frightening.. I ended up sitting at the back seat where I have to put both legs on the seat...

...and that's the end of the story of how I was attacked by a lizard..


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jalan-jalan cari makan at Sri Murni SS2

I bet everyone who lives somewhere in KL must know Sri Murni.. If you've been to Sri Murni, you will know how famous is it by looking at the crowd.

Well, last week I went there with my sister, her fiance, my boyfriend and cousin. My sister wanted to 'belanja makan'.. We ordered 5 types of food which are Nasi Goreng Lamb Chop, Nasi Goreng Napoleon, Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop and the most famous Nasi Goreng Bacon and Roti Hawaii.. My sister paid around RM90 but it's worth paying since the food is good and the size of 1 meal is consider big (for us la...).

Here's some of the pictures which we have taken. For your information, we didnt see our litter cousin for quite some time now so last week was the time to 'melepaskan rindu'..

Makan Time.. Guys=Eat First, Girls=Take Photo first, the foods come second

My sister's Nasi Goreng Bacon

While waiting...Camwhoring..

Camwhoring again..

We're just trying to give the best pose..

I cant stop but looking at my cousin (green shirt)...She's so cuteee...