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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love my job but she's driving me crazy!!!

Seriously, I love my job. I enjoy what Im doing. This is one of the things that I am good at.


I dislike my finance manager. She is driving me crazy. Just yesterday, my heart felt like bursting. Today, I feel like I can attack her anytime and when I dont feel like attacking her, I feel like strangling myself. I feel lucky that Im not insane, if not..... I need a break. Guess I should watch movie today or just chill somewhere before I get crazy by her..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Finance Manager annoys me!!

Im just so fed up with my Finance Manager. She just cant stop talking adn she doesnt want to listen. It's true that she's training me but she doesnt have to talk for hours just to tell me that RHB Bank doesnt have a cheque machine than scans cheques. Duh!! I know lah... I have Maybank and CIMB account and Both the banks has both scan and non-scan cheque deposit machine.

The day before I actually almost want to call her 'STUPID'. Well, actually she's not stupid. I was just so angry since she doesnt let me talk. She actually doesnt let me finish my question before answering it. Ended up, she spent hours just explaining things that I already know. Actually, my question was ' If I'm using the RHB cheque deposits(no scanning), so I have 4 cheques and I have 4 receipts (where these receipts do not tells which receipt belongs to which cheque), can I just attach any receipt to any cheque?'

Her answer was, 'You do not understand...There are 2 types of cheque deposit machine which are the.. bla.. bla.. bla..' Repeating the same thing again and again...

Suddenly I exploded and raised voice " Miss. S, can you pls stop. Can you please let me finish my question before answering it?" At last, she let me finish my question. And guess what was her answer...THE SAME THING!!!

So I said, I better dont ask anymore. The more I ask, the worse it will get. I don't want to listen to her mumble again and again coz it will make me even more angry. Furthermore, there is no use talking to people who do not understand.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Michael Jackson Hair on Fire - Unreleased Footage

Last night I watched TV3 news and they showed the unreleased footage of Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial where during the shoot his hair was caught on fire. It's funny kept on dancing not realizing that his hair was on fire. Btw, you guys can watch the video which I got from youtube. Thanks to texinsf for uploading the video.

Lastly, R.I.P to MJ.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Will You Break Up with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend on His/Her Birthday?

This morning I was listening to FlyFm, The Pagi show, and they were talking about Jessica Simpson was dumped my Tony Romo one day before her birthday. So, the issue was 'Is it alright to dump your girlfriend/boyfriend a day before or on her/his birthday?

Well, Phat Fabes was at Tony Romo's side whereas Ben and Nadia were at Jessica Simpson side. Actually, there were a lot of callers giving their opinion about this issue. Some of them saying that Jessica Simpson deserves to be dumped because she dumped her ex-boyfriend before their 1st year anniversary. Other said maybe Tony Romo cannot stand a bimbo girlfriend and one guy sent an sms saying that maybe Tony Romo is scared that Jessica Simpson will ask him to dye his hair blonde.

There were also callers who said dumping Jessica Simpson before her birthday is cruel. It's like she got a double slap on her face. So, rather than giving her a double slap, why dont just give a one big slap after her birthday.

As for me.. If I were to dump someone, I'll wait after the birthday. I mean, Tony Romo had been together with Jessica Simpson for the past one year so is it so hard to wait for another day before dumping her?
What do you guys/girls think?

I Love Transformers BUT.....

I watched Transformers last Saturday with 'cyg'. Yah!!Yah!! I know it was kinda late to talk about Transformers since I guess the Transformers fever is cooling down now, but, who cares...
Ok... I was very excited to watch the movie since we've been waiting to watch the sequel of the movie.. For me, the whole movie was great but there was only 1 problem. I thought I was the only one who doesnt really like the part so I kept quiet about it especially to 'cyg'. You guys know la... If we comment something about a movie (especially if it's a negative comment) to people that are hardcore fanatic, you know what will happen to you... I guess somebody's gonna get hurted real bad..
But few days after watching the movie, 'cyg' suddenly started the conversation about the movie. Wowww... To my amazement, he also felt the same way as I was about the movie. We felt there was something wrong. So, what was wrong...?
First, we feel that the fighting movement is too fast that sometime we do not know which one is the good side and which one is bad. Since there was a lot of fighting scene, trying to catch all those scene made me dizzy..Heehe...
Second is when Sam met the 4 Primes.. There was something wrong there.. Like 'tak masuk akal'!!
But then, this is just my opinion about the movie.. Overall, I think it's a great movie and I cant wait for the next sequel...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lack of Education?

I bet some of the Sabahans have already seen this video. What I think about this video? Well, I guess this is not a joke though a lot of my friends laugh at the boy who cant even spell his name, or even read ABC or count 123. I was actually quite angry when I saw this video. I bet he's not the only one who can't spell or count. I bet there's a lot more in Malaysia that is the same like him. Im just curious...Where's all the money that is allocated to the Malaysian Education?

I love my job..

Today is the first time I feel so happy in the office. I was actually thinking not to go to work today coz Barry was supposed to go for interview this morning, so, there was no one to send me to work (fyi, my cas is being used by my elder sister to go to work). So ended up my sister sent me to work since her working hour starts at 10am.
Well, it seemed like everybody was in a very good mood. Actually, the director did scolded my manager this morning but I kinda already used to it. What I like about today?
** I LOVE numbers!!!
** My fierce director kinda made us laugh today.. She's actually very cute when she tells jokes..
** Manager belanja makan...Nyum..Nyum..Curry Mee!!!
** For the first time, the play English songs in the office.. Its not that I dont like Chinese songs. Its just that the radio reception here is not good, so, the 'grrrrrzzzzzzzz' sound is louder than the songs played. But now, they are playing CD's and I feel soooooo energetic!!!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

The new house...

My sister moved in to the new house last Saturday.. Also, her fiance came from Sabah on that very same day also.. Me and cyg? Well, we just do not have the mood to move in yet.. We actually moved someof our stuffs (like, ermmm...., box shelfs, 2 table fans and ohya..my sister took some of my hangers last night.)

Actually I cant wait to move out of my current but I guess we're just too busy now with work that we had to wait.

Ohya, last night they (my sister and her fiance) came to my house and they said that house hot rat. The funny thing is, they didn't even kill the read. Instead, the chase it out of the house. Ended up, the rat kept coming in the house using the back door and still they chase it away. At last, when they got fed up of the rat, they stuck some clothes under the door s that the rat won't come in. But, when I move in there, I'll make sure that the rat will be gone forever (the killing will be handled by cyg la... I just give the order..)

Ok then..Time for lunch...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last day in Sabah...

Yeahhh!! Right after the engagement party, we(me, younger sister and friends) went to The Edgars located near the Sabah Port.. It was a blast..Hahaha...