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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elder sister engagement party

It was held on the 20th of June. To be frank, I was quite nervous about it. I was actually nervous to see how my grandpa (mama's dad) would react when he sees my dad (my grandpa doesnt really like my dad actually) and also how my mom's reaction after not seeing my dad for almost 20 years.

So, how was it? Well, it went so well, I mean even better than I expected. I was very happy to see how well my mom's side treated my dad's side. Overall, everyone had so much fun!!

Below are some of the pictures...

THEM with me anf my friends..

Me and my good friends..

With Brian's grandma and cousins

My sister future mother-in-law

Happy Engagement Ceara and Brian

My brother and sisters. and future bro-in-law..There will be 2 Brians in the family now...heheh..

Friday, June 12, 2009

I won't eat shark fin soup anymore

This will be a big sacrifice for me. Who doesnt like to eat shark fin soup? I bet everyone who has tried before will like it.. For me, its my favorite but right now I have to choose whether to continue eating something that I like or to continue doing something which I think is immoral. So I chose to stop.

Why do I suddenly want to stop?

Well, there was this one time I saw this news somewhere, can't recall, and the newspaper was talking about how it is taken from the shark. The fisherman will just cut off the shark's fin and will throw the 'still living' shark in the sea. The shark will eventually die due to its incapability to swim.
So what will happen?


So, Im from now on, Im saying NO to....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Im HomeLess

Actually Im not.....

I have been very busy finding house for me and my sister to stay.. Btw, there will be 4 of us staying..Me, my boyfriend, my sister and her fiance..Don't really know where to stay actually and which area is the most strategic for us to stay..Well, actually my sister is working in Ampang, me in Puchong and Barry in Cyberjaya. So, maybe Barry can send me to work and my sister can use my car to work and that is why we're trying to find a place to stay somewhere in the middle of Ampang and Cyberjaya.

Actually, we were thinking of staying somewhere in Bukit Jalil but seems like its too expensive.. Our budget is only around RM600 - RM800 per month. Earlier this evening we went to Turf View. Well, actually I kinda like that place. The biggest unit is about 1400 s.f with 4 rooms and I really loved it especially because it has big living room and balcony. But, my mom ended up not liking that place. She said the deposit is too expensive which is 3 months deposit + 1 month rental + agreement = (RM850*3) + RM850 + RM200 = RM3600. VERYYYY EXPENSIVE!!!

So now, I guess we will just have to wait for Barry to come back from Sabah, which is today. Apart of missing him and can't wait to see him, we need him to be there to see another house in Puncak Jalil. It seems like the house is affordable and big(double storey terrace house). Im not quite sure why is it cheap but according to my sister's fiance, it is difficult to find public transport over there (which is okay to us..) We'll just see how it turns out...

Quote for today:-
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yeehaaaa!!!! 1 Day to go...

YES!!YES!!! I've been waiting for this day... I've been wanting for this day to come. What day and why is it so special..? I've been wanting to go back to Sabah for a long time (well, 2 years to be exact). The last time I went back was only for 3 days where the 1st day I had to spend the whole day in the hospital and I had to use the 2 days left as efficient and as fast as possible. Within that 2 days, I manage to...go to my brother's concert (from the 1st performance till end..), go out with my friends and sisters after the performance(well, I had to go out with them simultaneously coz I don't have much time), go back to both of my kampung (manage to play kua-merah and won RM15) but I didnt get to meet my grandpa coz he was out fishing, and...as for my lil brother's gift..I learned his dance which he performed during that night (it was a Highschool Musical dance and he was very excited teaching me the steps...)

To be continued...