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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nothing's gonna change my love for you

I think the original song was sang by George Benson. Recently I've been listening to the same song but a more modern version on radio... Chinese Radio to be exact and I think it is Mix.Fm. I never heard this song was played in English Radio so I assume the singer must have been a Chinese singer. So, is there anyone there who knows who is the singer? I would appreciate if anyone can tell me who's the singer.

aCEpOS OH...aCEpOS...

My company has started to use this new system called AcePos.. All these while, I have been using UBS for my accounts and when I joined this company, they havent started their accounting system. Actually they do have their accounts which they outsource from outside. So, now I have to start from basic. Seriously, I do not have any idea on to how to operate this system. I have tried keying in my transactions but it does not appear in my trial balance, profit and loss account as well as balance sheet. The only thing that I can view is my ledger. Time is ticking and the report needs to be submitted next month.. Just crossing my fingers hoping things will get better soon...'sigh'

Monday, September 28, 2009

I was just testing you...

WTH!!!! I seriously hate when people use the phrase ' I was just testing you' to blame other people and not take responsibilities. I was in that situation once. It happened when I was given a report by the marketing manager and i was asked to keep it in my record. After one week, there were some problem with the other company (we have 2 companies where I handle one of the company, the another company is being handled by our Finance Manager) regarding its stocks. Apparently, I was supposed to show the report to my Finance Manager in order for her to maintain her record. So, she scolded me like hell and asked me who gave me the report and instructed me to keep it? So, I told the that the Marketing Manager asked me to do so, and when she was called, she got so scared and nervous and in order for her not to get the blame, she said, "Auddra, actually I was just testing you..." I cannot say more when she said that.. But I learned my lesson. Never trust anyone!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Very scary nightmare..

Last night I had a nightmare that when I woke up and see my boyfriend, I just felt like attacking him...Kehkehkeh..Having this kind of nightmare make me want to be chased by monster or ghost in my dreams rather than having what I dreamed last night.

Last night dream was about my boyfriend. How dare he has another girl and told me in my dream that he can't go out with me because his girlfriend will feel sad and cry... Arghhhh!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hope the 2 guys who attacked my dad enjoy the money they got from my dad...

'Sigh'...Last week it was about my father's friend being attacked by a crocodile..This week my father was attacked after withrawing RM600 from his bank by this 2 guys. Well, he was actually about to reach his car when he was attacked from the back with a knife. All that he heard from one of the guy was "Duit atau Nyawa?"/"Money or Life?" and of course he gave all of his money.
So last night I called him just to chit-chat with him and it was strange when he seemed to not to have a good mood. At first he didnt want to tell what actually happened to him but after a while, he gave up since I didnt stop asking. I told him that we will replace back the money but he insisted. Instead, he said he will borrow some money from his friends. So I got angry la because I dont want him to burden himself with debt. I told him, it's better if his daughters give him money than asking for debt. At last he agreed and today I sent him RM700.
Im just glad nothing happened to my dad...If not...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Malay Drama...?I Like!!!

Im talking about the Malay drama shown in TV3, Nur Kasih (click on the link to watch the drama)..Well, so what if I like to watch Nur Kasih.. Some people might think that watching Malay drama is so lame but I actually like it especially this drama and to be frank, I cant wait for Friday to come so that I can watch the next episode. Today I had to watch the drama alone since my boyfriend is so busy helping me with the policy translation which I was asked to do by our company director.

Ok..so back to the drama.. I would like to tell a little bit of the story just in case you guys out there do not know what this drama is all about. Its actually about this two brothers who has different characters, Aidil and Adam, and a girl named Nur Amina. Adam has a girlfriend in Australia and was forced to marry Nur Amina and of course he insisted since he loves his gorlfriend. On the other hand, Aidil, the elder brother likes Nur Amina.

Adam ended up marrying Nur Amina since it was his father last wish before he died but after his father died, he left Nur Amina and when back to Sydney when everybody else thought Nur Amina has also joined him to Sydney. Nur Amina went to Kuala Lumpur and there she studied and became a successful architect, whereas, Adam became a successful architect as well and married his girlfriend Katrina but due to his habit of drinking alcohol, both of them met a car accident and their baby died during that accident. Because of that, he went to jail and.......Well, you guys had to watch it yourself..Hehehe....

Hope you guys like it...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Im glad my dad didnt join them...RIP to his friend..

This happened last weekend. My dad called me to tell me this story. Last week, after planting the palm trees somewhere near Ranau, they decided to go back to my dad's place (somewhere in Kinabatangan). Fyi, Kinabatangan river is the longest river in Sabah. So, my dad's friend asked my dad whether he wants to join him fishing in the Kinabatangan river but my dad has to reject due to his work loads. So, his friend decided to bring another friend.

Btw, my dad friends is only 18 years old, meaning, he just finished his SPM.

So, he went with another friend to this one spot they always go with my dad. Unfortunately, I guess maybe it's just his fate, there was a crocodile there and the crocodile attacked him and dragged him away into the deep water. His friend? My dad didnt tell anything about him.

My dad and the rest of the villagers searched for the body for 2 days and guess what they found...? Just the body without head, hands and legs. I actually did asked my dad whether they're really sure that the body they found was his and not somebody else but he told me that they're really sure that it was his.

Well, Im actually really glad that my dad didnt go and join him coz if not, maybe the victim could be my dad. In the other hand, I feel very sorry to that boy and his family. He is still so young but is already dead and the worst thing is, he died being attacked by a crocodile and they never found the rest of his body.

I just hope he will rest in peace.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When my family was here...

Ok... As I have told, last month my mom, uncle, grandpa and grandma came to our place for 1 week for thew first reason is for my graduation and one more thing is because they missed me sooooo much..hehehe...OK!! So, here are some of my favorite pictures...

Does he looked like Lex Luther......hehehe..

My sister and her fiance...

The eldest grandaughter(My sister) with our Ina...

Grandma & Granddaughter..


Mushi Mushi to my Ina...

My tortoise trying to escape...My grandpa took this...

After trying many times, finally I manage to get this picture..

This was the 1st time my grandma use an LRT but still she looked like a pro..heheh..