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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Plastic surgery? Yes or No?

I was browsing the web when I saw Heidi Montag pictures (the before and after plastic surgery). What can I say? From MY EYES, she looks prettier after the plastic surgery but older than her age.

Im not really sure whether it is right or wrong. Religiously, it is wrong. But, it is a matter of choice I guess. If her old looks made her insecure, why not.

But, if I was given a chance to undergo plastic surgery, I dont think I wont do it. I guess, we were born imperfect and whatever we have, we have to ROCK it and make it perfect in our own eyes. For me, what matters the most is self satisfaction. Always stay positive and work the imperfection. Furthermore, beauty wont last forever. We'll get old soon and no matter how many plastic surgeries and injections we had, it will never change the fact that we will get older. What is important is our heart that will never gets old.

Im crapping early in the morning but WTH!! So, if you're thinking of doing plastic surgery, list down the pros and cons and dont think twice. Think 100 times or a million times more.

I like to grow old with my face moving.

~Kate Winslet~

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