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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Careful with shipping you car

I shipped my car from KL to KK a week ago and I finally got to see it for the first time after almost a year. Actually my mom was the one who was supposed to check it since she knew well the condition of the car when she sent it here. So, according to her when she received the car two days ago, she didnt have time to check it as she was in a hurry. So yesterday I went to see if the car was okay or not. So, as I start the engine, I realized the fuel was empty. I called my mom just to ask whether it was originally empty and according to her that it was quarter to full. So, I assumed that someone must have sucked the petrol out of my car or brought it out to 'jalan-jalan' since my mom sent the car to the port on Wednesday and the ship only sailed on Saturday.

Then I looked around then i noticed the passenger seat lock was not there. There was only screw but the cover was not there. I'll upload the picture of it soon. I was devastated. Even though some people might not think it is a big deal, but we pay for it and we pay for their service. When I chose to use their (Im not going to mention which logistic company), Im expecting a goor service for them. Im not paying RM100 or less but Im paying RM2k++ (yess...Im using RORO and my car is just a Kancil) and that money I can use to buy loads of Milk and Diapers for Sophie..

The consclusion of my story is make sure when you ship a car, take picture of the car as detail as you can and if you can, attach it to you document. And when you get the car, make sure everything is fine because when you say it is okay and realize that it is not okay, it will all be to late to complain.


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  1. i learn a good lesson from this blog. i will take picture of my car before shipping it.
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