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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Im not married and I didnt get pregnant!!

Sophie is officially mine. Got her birth cert yesterday (I prayed like 100x) on my way to JPN. Fortunately, they just asked for my IC and some documents and the cert is done. Well, people has been talking about mesince the first time a good friend of mine posted Sophie's picture on Facebook. A lot of them were asking "When did I get married?", "When she got pregnant?".. The answer is I never got married and were never pregnant. I got Sophie from someone provided I take care of her during her pregnancy. Thats the answer to those questions. Wanted to just shut those people off but I know the more I talk, the more they will ask so I just better shut my moth and wait for them to accept the fact that I have a baby.

For the past few months, a lot of things happened to me. Taking care of a young pregnant girl was not easy. It's just like taking care of your teenage daughter. Cook for her la... Ask where and with whom she's going out with la.. Bring her to the doctor la.. Not only that, my family and friends were not supportive when what I really needed was their support to keep me going. And a lot of them said it's hard la... I need a lot of money to raise a kid.. Adopted child is not the same as real ones.. HAIZZZ!!!!!

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